Hey there !

I'm Anastasia Fua, the eye behind elliftheartist photography’s camera. I'm a freelance fashion photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

Fashion is my happy place. From Alexander McQueen’s crazy (yet revolutionary) pieces to Raf Simons’ elegant displays, I have always been fascinated by the work of fashion designers. I believe my job as a fashion photographer is to give life to those garments and make every shot “Wow”-worthy.

I have also been assisting the lovely team at Studio Eclectic for family portraits since 2015.

If you wish to get in touch, please head to my contacts page. I look forward to creating with you ;)

Below is a list of some of my published works. 


"Time Out" Featured on Vanity Teen Online 19th January 2018

"Le Petit Prince" Featured on LUCY'S Magazine Online 3rd March 2018

"Jared" Featured on Vanity Teen Online 9th March 2018

"Sunday" Featured on Bridal Musings 28th March 2018


"KPOP QUEEN" Featured on VULKAN Magazine 23rd March 2017

"Days Of Youth" Featured on VULKAN Magazine 24th April 2017

"The Gentleman" Featured on Noctis Magazine 8th May 2017

"Pretty In Pink" Featured on JUTE Magazine 14th May 2017

"Damon" Featured on Vanity Teen Magazine 7th July 2017

"Go With The Flow" Featured on Liike Magazine 22nd July 2017

"Vacancy" Featured on Atlas Magazine 22nd August 2017

"Cruel" Featured on VULKAN Magazine 25th August 2017

"Awakening" Featured on JUTE Magazine 7th September 2017

"Artsy Spring" Featured on "RISE" LAUD Magazine 2nd October 2017

"Club Tropicana" Featured on HUF Magazine Online 7th December 2017


"Mr Fierze SS17 Campaign" Featured on Toni & Guy 4th Australian Issue 11th September 2017


"Lost But Found" Featured on Male Model Scene 25 May 2016

"The Visitor" Featured on VULKAN Magazine 17th August 2016

"Chasing Utopia" Featured on DeFuze Magazine 11th October 2016

"Unrequited Lust" Featured on HUF Magazine 11th October 2016

"Charmé" Featured on LUCY'S Magazine 25th October 2016

"When You Were Young" Featured on Yen Magazine 5th December 2016

"You're A Virgin That Can't Drive" Featured on Superhero Magazine 23rd December 2016


"KURO" for Dreamingless Magazine  August Issue 25.1  17th August 2016

"Finders Keepers" for Dreamingless Magazine October Issue 27.1 10th October 2016


RAW Sydney at Sydney University, Sydney Australia : September 2015 (Group Exhibition)

Photography Now at The Brick Lane Gallery, London United Kingdom : January 2016 (Group Exhibition)


“The Woodlands” featured on “Feature Friday + Interview” on Whim Online Magazine 5th February 2016

“The Black Series” featured on Dodho Online Photography Magazine 5th February 2016

“elliftheartist” featured on Slippery Edge Magazine 13th March 2016

“This Is How You Recover From Your First Failed Love” Image featured on Thought Catalog 11 March 2016

“War” Image featured on Quote Catalog 20 March 2016

“A Dreamers Adventure” featured on Whim Online Magazine 1st April 2016

"The fantasy photography of elliftheartist" featured on Artists Inspire Artists 8th April 2016

"Anastasia Fua : Conceptual Photography" featured on BonExposé 9th April 2016

"When Silence Speaks Louder Than Words" Image featured on Thought Catalog 25th April 2016

"Art Inspiration : elliftheartist" on artthou 1st May 2016

"Sundays In Bondi With Kaliver" Featured on The Glam Whisperer 19th June 2016

"Candids Of Sydney" Featured on REVUU Online Magazine 1st July 2016

"Interview With Australian Emerging Artist Anastasia Fua" Featured on Lost At E Minor 7th July 2016

"Fine Art Self Portraits With Anastasia Fua" Featured on Photogrist Photo Magazine 9th July 2016

"Candids Of Sydney" Featured on REVUU Online Magazine 1st July 2016

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